Artslandia 2017/18 Cover Artist : Karen Wippich (ART EVENTS KAREN WIPPICH NEWS TAIGA_CREATIVE)


Artslandia 2017/18 Cover Artist : Karen Wippich

I’m excited to announce that last month Karen Wippich was selected as Artslandia’s 2017/18 magazine cover artist!

Misty Tompoles, Founder and Publisher of Artslandia stated, “Karen was ultimately chosen for her work’s feminine perspective on today’s societal conversation. The seemingly effortless blending of social commentary and captivating composition sets this artist apart. She encourages her audience to see themselves in her work, to participate in the act of gathering history together with image to create something deeply personal to each viewer.” [Artslandia]

Karen currently has on display 12-15 art pieces at Roche Bobois Portland showroom. The work, a mixture of graphic design, acrylic paint and layered imagery, will be on display through the end of May.

Artslandia Magazine’s mission is to connect our readers more closely to their city’s music, dance, and theater, to enliven their existing appreciation for the arts, and to enrich their engagement to the level of life-long patronage. Our arts coverage is extensive, informative, inclusive, and fun. Artslandia currently publishes 5 titles and 13 issues per year: annual performing arts guides for both Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC; 5 issues per year each of a regular playbill-bound magazine and kids’ playbill-bound magazine; and a kids’ annual. Together, Artslandia’s total annual circulation is near 650,000.

Karen Wippich grew up moving across the US, spending time alone creating characters and fantasies. Most of her adult life has been spent working as a graphic designer. Her design work has been widely published in the US and internationally. A few years ago her focus changed to something she dreamed about as a child, to be a working artist.



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