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Karen Wippich, mixed media artist

Karen’s Process

I paint using my subconscious mind. I try not to think about what I’m doing, and just let it come out. I never have a plan or concept going into a painting. As I look at a finished piece I see influences from books that I’ve read, current events in my life along with bits of my past. My graphic design background also shows up through grids and typography.
I usually start a painting by looking through images until one speaks to me. I then start adding and manipulating the images in Photoshop until it seems like it’s time to print it out and apply it to the board. I cover the board with a clear coat and then apply the tiled out paper to create the base image. I let that dry and start applying paint and more printed out images, letting it evolve. I usually stop at this point and let the painting set over night. I  then hang it on the wall to continue the conversation. After I let it speak to me, I continue on the path, sometimes completely obliterating the layer with more paper and paint. Some paintings have 4 or 5 of what I thought were “finished” paintings below them. I’ve had paintings in shows that come back and seem conflicted or wrong so I resume the process.
I like to title the piece while it is in progress. Most of the time they come to me while painting. Sometimes I will write them on the back of the panel. If a painting has a lot of titles on the back that means that there are most likely a lot of layered scenes living below it.