Artist Bio

Molly grew up in small town New England and currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. Most of her formative years were spent in a canoe, making forts in the woods and obsessively trying to document the world around her through writing and art. Trained in Documentary Radio and Literary Journalism, her best education came from ten years traveling with her photojournalist father, pursuing documentary work in rural parts of the US. After her first child was born, her focus turned to visual storytelling. Inspired largely by her own four children, she has spent the last eight years exploring the world of childhood through her camera.

Artist Statement

I am inspired by trying to capture in my images the illusive, magical quality of childhood. Which is often a little bit odd, sometimes overly-dramatic and contains a lack of self consciousness and a purity of emotion. Influenced by photojournalism, documentary photography and fine art, I am drawn towards making candid portraits of childhood that feel honest and vulnerable. After all the waiting, observing, composing and thinking about a shot – photography for me is above all an exercise in faith: trusting that something extraordinary is going to happen when I put the camera up to my eye. Being ready to press the shutter when that split second of a moment presents itself, without yet knowing what that moment is going to be. This unpredictable element of photography is what excites me most. The unexpected moments when the ordinary world is suddenly more beautiful, more saturated with color, and filled with a feeling and emotion that wasn’t there before. And just for an instant you glimpse its perfection – the perfect composition, a perfect gesture, a pure expression of joy, sadness or curiosity on a persons face that breaks through their careful, measured emotions and fills a frame with depth. However fleeting, it is consistent in the way that if you are watching, those moments will always return.