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Portland photographer duo, NashCo Photo

I’ve been working with NashCo Photo, a Portland photographer duo, since early 2017. The bulk of their work has been editorial and their portfolio shows a strong commercial side in multiple genres: education, healthcare, corporate, industrial, agriculture, and tourism.

When you hire this duo you get an energetic team who are professional, creative, experienced in working with producers and creative directors, and they have fun. Creativity comes through in their personal project, Headliners, where they photographed comedians from LA. I believe their tourism and food photography stands out most to me with their detail to setting, light, color, and atmosphere. Their body of work from the Savory Sonoma project shows location, food, wine, and atmosphere of the entire region in a cohesive photo story.

If you are looking in the Pacific Northwest for a local photographer, look no further. Do you have tourism clients outside the PNW? This duo travels across the globe for work on request. Email job details and requests to