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San Diego and LA based photographer duo, P2 Stills+Motion

I’ve been working with P2 Stills+Motion, a San Diego and LA based photographer duo, since I started my business in 2014. Together we transformed their brand and introduced their award winning series Buck The Cubicle on Vimeo.  Jon and Jenna have been at the forefront of the drone revolution and will soon be set up for VR and 3D video work. The bulk of their clients have been with renewable energy, specifically solar. In the last few years their portfolio has grown to include multiple genres: healthcare, corporate, industrial, lifestyle, and tourism.

When you hire this duo you get a creative, knowledgeable, and fun team who you can tell have been working together for decades. They are experienced in working on industrial sites, with ad agencies, producers and creative directors. P2’s storytelling ability comes through in their personal project, Buck The Cubicle, where they feature real people who have odd jobs and aren’t afraid to get dirty. I believe their industrial and healthcare photography stands out most with their experience in the field, use of light in challenging situations, post-production, and every client has been beyond impressed with the final product.

If you are looking in southern California for a local photographer, look no further. Do you have clients outside SoCal? This duo travels across the globe for work on request. Email job details and requests to meredith@taiga-creative.com